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    Ben is a London based Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Coach and Personal Trainer. He teaches weekly classes across the city of London and workshops internationally. Ben can also be found teaching and coaching on various apps and platforms online. His unusual background as an Olympic Freestyle Wrestler, Amateur Fighter and Ultra Marathon Runner has given him a uniquely grounded and scientific approach to teaching.


    Ben aims to bring utterly practical, scientific, demystified yoga, mindfulness and movement training to as wide of an audience as possible. Ben's teaching focuses on scientific research, practical mindfulness training and creating efficient progress in yoga, gymnastics or sport specific movement patterns.


    Ben is a Master Yoga Trainer to the British Armed Forces, works with brands such as Broga, Gymbox, Bose, Accenture, WarriorAddict, Manduka and StubHub; has coached TeamGB Olympic athletes, The ESCP European Business School and Professional Rugby team London Scottish.


    In his spare time he is usually doing yoga, gymnastics or some other type of movement practice. Ben also writes and speaks on the topics of masculinity and male mental health in postmodernity.

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    Ben is available for private PT/Yoga sessions via Zoom online. Sessions are 45mins at £40.

    Email or Insta Direct Message to book.


    Ben also provides weekly content and classes via @broga @digme and @gymboxofficial

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    Highlights from a recent mindfulness session with ESCP European Business School

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